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FETCH meeting in Bratislava

The network management institution of BASSY, namely GFaI, is a partner of an even larger international network. It is the

“Future Education and Training in Computing: How to Support Learning at Anytime Anywhere (FETCH)”.

67 institutions, mainly universities, from 35 countries belong to this ETN.

On 7th and 8th September 2016 the final meeting of the ETN FETCH is carried out at the Slovak Technical University in Bratislava. The responsible network manager of BASSY, Prof. Iwainsky, and Mr. Pochanke (BASSY network manager up to 04/30/15) participate.

In recent years FETCH had thematic influence on BASSY through assessments and setting priorities in the areas

  • motivation and feedback in the learning and training process and
  • importance of gamification in Human-Computer-Interaction.

Accordingly, a presentation out of network BASSY on first R&D-work in the frame of BMBF project “AKOLEP: Acoustically and Optically Experienceable Learning in the Area of Nursing Professionals” was contributed to the International Conference e-Learning'16 (following the FETCH Meeting, also in Bratislava). In this paper with the title

A Mixed Reality Environment for Educating Nurses

in which such influences by FETCH play an important role (s. also 08/05/2016 and 09/09/2016).

A highlight of the FETCH meetings is the presentation of

Best Partner Awards.

The GFaI receives this honor of "Angel Kanchev" University of Ruse, the Bulgarian Project Leader of ETN FETCH.

The BASSY network manager and Head of the Board of GFaI, Prof. Dr. Alfred Iwainsky, with his Activity Report on the work of GFaI in the frame of FETCH
Presentation of a Best Paper Award by the "Angel Kanchev" University of Ruse (Bulgaria) to Prof. Iwainsky