The Network BASSY


BASSY is a network project in the frame of the Central Innovation Programme for SME (ZIM), partially financed by the German Federal Ministry of Economy and Energy (BMWi).

The management of the corporate network BASSY is carried out by the research institution Society for the Promotion of Applied Computer Science (GFaI,


Pooling of Competencies to Tackle Challenges of the Demographic Change

In many developed countries the demographic changes can be considered as sustainable success of their social systems. Both the average life expectancy and the share of older people of the total population (see Table) increase, the „donated“ time is characterized to a large extent by a high quality of life.

However, also great challenges are connected with these basically positive aspects, which can be overcome only by interdisciplinary collaboration, e. g. in research and development (R&D). Therefore, some research institutions and innovative companies joint their various competencies in the organizational network BASSY. Combining their skills together they devote themselves to the following basic questions:

  • How can unexpected threatening situations be treated in favor of the many healthy and vital senior citizens?
  • What (other) potential for simplification of everyday life, especially of old people and those in need of care, can be exploited? By which technical means?

  • How can the problem of increasingly scarce nursing work force be tackled?

  • What further labor shortages that arise in the course of demographic change can be treated by which technical means?

  • Can region-specific aging, depopulation and far-reaching negative consequences be stopped? Is it possible to establish in these regions cores of new vitality? By which means?

  • Is lifelong learning of experience carriers after their retirement from professional life followed by „institutional forgetting“? Are under the pressure of the demographic change new techniques required for the transfer of knowledge from experienced seniors to the dynamic youths?